A company profile

It wants to be a company lengthening with a visitor. I become a lubricant of the distribution industry and I wrestle and I pile up daily effort, one one of the small work and get much trust and high evaluation and, as one of the bridges to "waiting people" in the world, reach an answer, new work in a demand from a visitor in now. A visitor raises business efficiency and does not spare cooperation suggestion to make rapid progress more. I always think about our convenience for a visitor and establish our significance of being. I talk as a handyman and should have you understand our significance of being if you have you inflect once. I always fix my eyes on a point of the times and make the original system which can support adaptation to circumstances and am accompanied with high quality work, mobility, the correspondence that are demanded and do whole body because it is no company of a company standing on the tip in the times. I make much of consideration for environment and I take the lead and carry out introduction of a rolling stock for advanced effluent gas standard, collection such as Freon, recycling.


We transport various rolling stocks by abundant experience, the results. I do not transport merely rolling stock as a sending by land supplier and undertake other work to accompany it collectively and want to answer a demand of a visitor as much as possible. I have you use us effectively, and please perform more efficient duties. At first please talk about any kind of thing. Please from one of them. We undertake the work that they ordered from supplier according to each collectively. I come by trouble of ordering and payment, the sending by land retrenchment that I started double. I specify hope work content in us and fax. I carry it in after we take responsibility afterward and take over a rolling stock of a visitor, and having worked. In addition, I have already heard both the rolling stock which is finished with import and business trip work in yards. -Main transport / forwarding duties- A new car / an used car. A low car, an expensive car of the amount of car. A large-sized light truck, a bus, a trailer, a heavy industrial machine. An immovable car. Special import to a special rolling stock (museum exhibition rolling stock / race car hot car etc) event meeting place and an exhibition.

About export inspection

I take it over from a yard in us and I let you pass export inspection and, after various maintenance, carry it in to a yard again. Please talk about JAAI export inspection for Africa, Africa, article for Malta, Sri Lanka, inspection work etc of Saudi Arabian inspection for even if available for a country of the others. I let you pass it from an inspection reservation and undertake work to shipment of an identification of pass collectively. For example, when I purchase it at auction and just export it to Africa, I leave an auction meeting place in us and I let I receive it in us and do it and pass export inspection after various maintenance and can carry it in to a yard. JAAI export inspection has the standard that is similar to domestic car inspection, and I am small, and a state of the body is checked. In addition, there is the country where price illumination of a rolling stock, warehousing hang. A rolling stock doing not reach an inspection pass standard can let you pass export inspection after maintenance / a metal plate / repair in us. I am included in an export of reduction us inspection rate of sending by land rate / warehousing